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Spa Reine Mineral Water Still Plastic Bottle

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Spa Reine Mineral Water Still Plastic Bottle

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United Kingdom

SPA is uniquely low in minerals and is especially suitable for a low Sodium diet; sourced in the Belgian Ardennes, it has a clean, neutral taste.

The health springs of Spa have a long, rich and colourful history.

They were first mentioned in the journals of a Roman naturalist called Pliny the Elder who lived during the first century A.D., when he spoke in his book Natural History of a famous fountain in which bubbles sparkle. Coins bearing the likeness of Emperor Nerva (96-98 A.D.) provide evidence of the Romans stay in Spa.

The word Spa is probably derived from the Latin word “Sparsa”, the past participle of the verb “Spargere” (to gush forth).

In the Fifth century, the barbarian invasions brought about the decline of the Roman Empire; but the qualities of the waters of Spa and of the region were soon recognised by the new inhabitants.

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